The north shore of the Dominican Republic is known for its beaches, mountains and wind. People come here for the sun and the fun and for windsurfing, kitesurfing, canyoning and mountain biking. Our host Robynne Bailey hooks up with the locals and learns to kite surf. Although windsurfing has been the established sport on these beaches, kitesurfing is quickly gaining ground. The best in the world come here to challenge the trade winds that brought Christopher Columbus to these shores in 1492.

Robynne takes on a cultural tour of the north shore exploring the people and their lifestyle. The favorite sport of the local people is baseball and for entertainment the local men gather to gamble with their prize birds pitting cock against another.
With Marenge music blaring in the background we see a cock fight up close. We meet the local baseball team and one of their players who is signed with Philadelphia. Canyoning here is spectacular. You begin the journey to go canyoning early in the morning and descend down a deep jungle cavern through waterfalls and still pools in a tropical paradise.

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