EDGE - is hosted by Robynne Bailey, Kristen Ulmer and Shawn Farmer.

Robynne Bailey

- truly a world traveler - a modern day gypsy. Although she calls Canada home she is just as likely to be in the United States, Australia or Europe.
Each time she works on a show, she arrives from a different destination.

Kristen Ulmer

- an adventure - travel writer. She began her adventurous career as one of the top extreme skiers in the world. Now she is either hosting Edge or on assignment writing for adventure magazines.

Shawn Farmer

- one of the top big mountain extreme snowboarders in the early days. He brings a true Edgy feel to the show with his creative rhymes and his connections to the snowboard subculture. His spontaneous character as a musical stage performer brings energy to Edge locations featured in episodes that include snowboarding.

Executive Producer James Angrove brings many years of knowledge about the locations, the talent and the sports featured in Edge. James has produced, directed and lensed award winning images from all over the world.

This talented team takes you on an adventure to explore the world with your bikes, skis, surfboards, snowboards and what ever other adventure sport weapons you can think of.